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Husband & Father.
Community Leader.

Lowering Taxes

As Delegate, Josh will oppose new taxes and work to lower the existing tax burden so that all Virginians can achieve the American Dream.

Restoring Quality of Education

Josh believes that our schools need to return to teaching our children how to think, rather than teaching our children what to think.

Defending the Second Amendment

Josh unequivocally supports the Second Amendment and believes that every citizen has the right to protect themselves and their families.

Protecting the Rural Crescent

As a resident of Western Prince William County, Josh knows the importance of preserving the Rural Crescent, protecting our nation’s historical sites and ensuring our neighborhoods and schools are free from data centers, and the consequences to the immediate community that they bring.

Josh Quill is a proud husband and father, a Marine Corps Veteran, a former appointee of the Trump Administration to the Department of Veteran Affairs, and a leader in his community.

Josh is a second-generation Hispanic immigrant, born in rural upstate New York. The son of factory workers, Josh’s family often struggled to put food on the table. As a child, Josh gave back to his community as a Boy Scout, ultimately earning the rank of Eagle Scout. 

After graduating high school, Josh enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he spent 10 years in service to our country.

After leaving the service, Josh began working in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and has made a career ensuring that the men and women who have risked their lives in service to our country receive the assistance and benefits that they need and deserve. In 2018 Josh was honored to receive an appointment by the Trump Administration (Schedule C) where he was able to improve Veteran’s benefits programs at the highest level.

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