Lowering Taxes

Having grown up in a low-income family, Josh recognizes the burden that higher taxes impose on hard-working Virginian families. As Delegate, Josh will oppose new taxes and work to lower the existing tax burden so that all Virginians can achieve the American Dream.

Restoring Quality of Education

Josh believes that our schools need to return to teaching our children how to think, rather than teaching our children what to think. As Delegate, Josh will work to raise standards of learning based on empirical metrics of achievement so that our children are incentivized to excel. Josh also believes that parents should have a greater role in the education of their children. Josh opposes efforts by educators to keep parents out of the classroom and supports school choice measures to provide education alternatives to children and parents.

Protecting the Rural Crescent and Neighborhoods

As a resident of Western Prince William County, Josh knows the importance of preserving the Rural Crescent, protecting our nation’s historical sites and ensuring our neighborhoods and schools are free from data centers, and the consequences to the immediate community that they bring. Josh is strongly opposed to constructing new data centers outside of areas that have already been set aside for their construction. Josh will work in Richmond, with local government, and in a personal capacity to ensure that all new data centers are built where they’re meant to be, not in your residential neighborhood or in proximity to the Manassas National Battlefield.

Residents of the county should not have to see data centers next to their schools, or have to hear the noise they emit in their own neighborhoods.

Supporting Veterans

As a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, an appointee of President Trump to the Department of Veteran Affairs, and a professional on Veteran Policy, improving Veteran Policy in Virginia will be one of Josh’s highest priorities. Veterans have put their lives on the line in service to our country, and our laws and policies should reflect our gratitude for their sacrifice. As Delegate, Josh will work to further alleviate the tax burden on Veterans, improve healthcare services, and expand Veterans benefits across the board.

Defending the Second Amendment

Josh unequivocally supports the Second Amendment and believes that every citizen has the right to protect themselves and their families. As Delegate, Josh will defend the Second Amendment by opposing unconstitutional regulations on law-abiding gun owners.

Protecting Life

As a father of two children, Josh puts the highest value on the lives of unborn children in the womb. As Delegate, Josh will always defend the lives of the unborn and work to provide alternative options to women in crisis pregnancy situations.

Defending Free Speech

Josh is a firm believer in the importance of freedom of speech in all contexts. Efforts by technology companies and institutions of higher education to censor the opinions of those with whom they disagree are unconstitutional and a danger to the freedom that makes our country great. As Delegate, Josh will work to make sure that every Virginian has the ability to voice their opinion as protected by the First Amendment.

Securing our Border

Josh knows that our country was built by immigrants and believes that legal immigration is beneficial to our country’s economy and culture. However, failed leadership on our southern border in recent years has had a devastating effect across the country. Prince William County has suffered increased gang violence and an influx of fentanyl and other drugs that have made life more dangerous for Virginians. As Delegate, Josh will ensure that law enforcement receive the support they need to crack down on rising crime and keep our communities safe. Josh welcomes the opportunity in Richmond to enforce the law and keep our communities safe, while also working to make it easier for legal immigrants to achieve the American Dream here in Virginia.

Supporting Law Enforcement

The men and women who risk their safety to keep our communities safe deserve our utmost respect and support. Josh will work to ensure that the law enforcement agencies who serve and protect will always have the tools to do so. Josh is strongly opposed to the ‘Defund the Police’ agenda and will stand for full funding for state and local law enforcement agencies.

Advancing Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the livelihood of many of Virginia’s hard-working families. As Delegate, Josh will support small businesses by working to reduce taxes and regulatory red tape that make it difficult for small business owners to support their families.

Ensuring Election Integrity

 Every voter in the Commonwealth of Virginia should be able to vote with the confidence that our elections are fair and free. As a member of the Prince William County GOP Leadership Team, Josh supported a lawsuit that required the Prince William County registrar to allow an equal number of Republican and Democrat poll workers at precincts. As Delegate, Josh will work to increase voter’s confidence in our elections by requiring Voter ID and regular updates to voter registration rolls.

Improving Transportation Policy

Residents of Northern Virginia are subject to a disproportionately high tax burden when it comes to transportation, only to see their tax dollars distributed around the Commonwealth and dumped into never-ending projects that never come to fruition. As Delegate, Josh will alleviate the transportation tax burden, work to ensure that transportation construction projects meet timelines, and support only projects that are fiscally responsible and serve to alleviate congestion in our communities.

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